Our Yoga, Your Yoga

Bring Yoga into your life at Blackhill  Woods Retreat. Yoga can help you to achieve some balance, to strengthen and add flexibility to the body and the mind also reconnecting you to your spiritual self. There are so many aspects to modern living, so many plates to keep spinning. We want to make it easy for you to find a way to start and keep going, because the benefits are endless.

  • We offer Online Yoga so you can get acquainted at your own rate and pace in the comfort of your own home. Virtual yoga is a great tool to start and maintain your practice.
  • We offer a selection of real world classes at Blackhill Yoga Studio, Portlaoise and Blackhill Woods Retreat, Abbeyleix both in Co. Laois.
  • Join these thriving and growing communities of ‘Down to Earth’ yogis, if you live near us.

You are welcome to take a Free 3 Day Trial of our Online Yoga Library to see if we are the right fit for you. 

Yin Yoga

We need a balance of Yin and Yang in our lives to achieve harmony.

This practice is intended to invite in deep relaxation and rest for the body and the mind. It is a very slow moving practice with long held poses using props such as pillows to ensure the greatest level of comfort and to make sure the poses are accessible to all. It is a meditative practice with internal focus and breath awareness.

Minimal stress or strain, working with the body to release deep connective tissues, like bones, joints, ligaments and fascia. Relaxing the body, quietening the mind.

Pure bliss!

Class Times

Wednesday’s 10.30-11.30am with Simon


Abbeyleix & Online

Flow Yoga

This practice is more Yang based, invites in heat, strength, energy, flexibility, movement and fun!

The class moves through a wave of energy, gradually building, rising then cooling down, calming and relaxing. A great all round practice.

Modifications are given throughout to make the poses accessible to all, however beginners are advised to start at Level 1 to get the right alignment foundations.

Class Times

Thursday’s 7pm & Saturday’s 11am with Eilish


Abbeyleix & Online

Pregnancy Yoga

‘Mothers to be’ intuitively recognise the benefits of yoga. It is a wonderful way to connect in with yourself and the baby, to support you through all of the physical, mental and emotional changes you are going through.

Real focus and attention is given to the breath, then gentle intelligent movement to feel good in your body and mind all the way through your pregnancy. This practice is suitable from the 2nd trimester all the way through to the labour ward and into the 4th trimester – Motherhood!

Eilish has been teaching Pregnancy Yoga for many years and is there to help support, encourage and empower you through your journey.

The online classes have the added benefit of being able to practice with your birth partner, and we offer some classes from both of us to both of you (and Bump of course!)

Class Times

Wednesday’s 8pm with Eilish



Gravity Yoga

This is a mat based, targeted mobility training method that helps students with stiff backs, locked up hips and tight hamstrings to name but a few!

These classes deliver flexibility results quickly. Ideal for athletes and anyone looking to gain greater flexibility in restricted places!


Complete Course available to our Online Community


Pure and simple short meditation classes, from complete beginners to established practitioners.

Bringing in breath awareness, single pointed focus, present moment awareness and clarity.

A way to boost your mental performance, enhance relaxation and invite in more harmony in your day.

Class Times

Pop up Classes weekly for our Online Community