Yoga Retreats & Events

Our Yoga Retreats & Events

We invite you to choose the Retreat or Event that suits your needs. All our Events are hosted in the beautiful Blackhill Woods Retreat in the Yoga Grove nestled amoungst the woodland or in our home with open fires, spacious rooms and all with served with delicious Vegan Homecooking. We aim to personalise your experience and help your find that extra peace and stillness.

22nd Sept 2020

Autumnal Equinox


25th September 2020

Drum Circle


27th Sept 2020


SoulFood Sunday

Sunday 4th Oct

Monthly Yin

Yoga Morning

18th October 2020

Crisp October

Yoga Day

15th November 2020

November Yoga

Escape Day

21st December 2020

Winter Solstice


29th Dec

Christmas Bliss


Past Yoga Retreats & Events 2020

Most of our past Retreats and Events in Blackhill Woods are repeated seasonally. Here are just a small selection that will be coming soon again.

1st Sunday of Month

Monthly Yin

Yoga Morning

26th July 2020

Your Yoga Day

28th August 2020

Drum Circle


Sunday 9th August

Monthly Yin

Yoga Morning