Gillian, Laois.

What an amazing haven you all have created…I would not miss my chance to be part of your living/loving ’embrace:.I look forward to your sessions every day and am amazed that I am creating Me time without any of the guilt.. delighted to continue my subscription..Thank you again for All the calmness and positivity.

Aila, Laois.

“Amazing! Thank you so much for your wonderful yoga classes. I whole heartedly enjoy each and every one, either live or from your library! It’s been a massive resource! You give us such variety, positivity and balance in everything that you do for us! Will be remaining a loyal fan, and a happy subscriber!Thanks so much for everything. it’s much appreciated.”

Barbara, Laois.

“Could not praise Eilish and Simon, highly enough.. Love love love, the yoga classes. Have being doing yoga, a long time now with them, always feel so good after. I’m so grateful to them, being able to do live classes in my home.. Highly recommended!”

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