Helena, Laois.

“I had been trying to fit in a yoga class for months but could never find the time! I am so grateful that you started classes online and have so enjoyed doing Yin Yoga in particular, but also gravity, and flow. Your short coffee break classes are genius, they can be fit into a mornings work… I am not sitting getting stiff in the morning now. In short I am so thankful for you both, for Blackhill Woods and for what you deliver, I have told everyone I know!”

Niav, Laois.

“The first time I drove into Blackhill Woods, an incredible sense of tranquility surrounded the place – I was hooked… I have been doing Yoga with Simon for about 4 years and recently with Eilish. As Yoga teachers they complement each other perfectly with their different energies .It amazes me how they seem to always be in tune to each persons’ needs. I have attended many Yoga classes in my life but I can truly say that yoga at Blackhill Woods has changed the way I live my life….”

Eimear, Kilkenny.

“A retreat in Blackhill woods is such an enjoyable experience. The minute you drive onto the property it feels like you are leaving the world behind ..entering a scene from a Meave Binchy novel. A warm greeting with herbal teas and easy chats on beanbags by a fire. Followed by an energy lifting flow yoga with Eilish. A moreishly deliciously vegan lunch and dessert, yum yum. Then an afternoon of what I like to call ‘hugging a bean bag’ with Simon’s calm and soothing voice leading a restorative session. A treat is not the word. Bliss!”

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