Natural Holistic Energy Therapies at Blackhill Woods

Welcome to the Blackhill Woods Retreat Therapy page.
We have a beautiful serene therapy room created with you in mind. Located in our converted stables the space is designed to support and allow you to release, let go, evolve safely in your unique personal therapy session.
Through personal therapies every experience reveals a new layer, to heal from past trauma, take a well earned break from our busy lives or to simply delve deeper into our true selves in a safe supported enviroment. At Blackhill Woods we structure our Therapy sessions around individuals meeting all those wants and desires and more. We aim to tick the boxes you forgot to include and give you the best opportunity to make the most out your valuable time and energy.
We invite our clients to spend time in contemplation or simply walking around the woodland before or after a session to make the most of the natural energy and space that is uniquely special to Blackhill Woods.
To book contact Simon or Eilish directly to arrange a time that suits you best.

Natural Holistic Energy Therapy

Therapist – Simon Rogers

Simon Rogers offers a heart based therapy session focusing on realigning the physical & energetic body through a gentle non intrusive hands-on approach.

Over many years Simon’s therapy sessions have evolved through the continual study of the whole being, its relationship to life and all we create along the way. Simon combines his skills intuitively from Yoga, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Breathwork, Vipassana Meditation, Energy Therapies & Spirituality.

True healing comes from a place of listening with love and compassion as a conscious neutral observer.

Simon’s sessions are a way to re-align your whole physical, mental, emotional & spiritual self and put you ‘back on track’ on your unique journey in life.

We are all evolving & ascending together.

Simon is available for sessions at Blackhill Woods Retreat in-person or virtually.

Allow approx 1 – 1 1/2 hrs. You are encouraged to spend a little time in nature prior to or after your session to fully integrate and ground the energy.

Therapy Session Price €80.00

Contact Simon direct on 087 696 4535 or email to book an appointment

Energy Activation Therapy

Eilish Fitzpatrick – Energy Activator

For yogis and seekers, whether complete novice or well seasoned on your awakening journey. Deepen your spiritual connection and awareness, realign to your soul purpose with Energy Activator – Eilish Fitzpatrick.

Co-creative, empowering and transformative energy sessions harnessing the power of the New Earth energies. Each session will be as unique as you, based on your own aligned intentions.

What you can expect; 

Intuitive mindbody scan and discussion to assess which is the best protocol for each session. Alignment with your highest outcome intentions. Clearing of whatever energetic blockages are ready to be released (using tools as required – Rebirthing Breathwork, Visualisation, Movement, Vibration & Sound). Energy initiation, activation and upgrade. Integration, grounding & deep relaxation.

What you can feel;

Empowered. Free of self imposed limitations. Clearer in your direction. Expansive yet grounded. Energised yet relaxed. Supported & connected. Every person is different and every session is unique, Allow a period for integration, lots of rest and good quality water, You are encouraged to observe what shifts and changes inwardly and outwardly in the subsequent weeks.

Eilish’s Therapy Modalities include: Crystalline Consciousness TechniqueTM, Intuitive Rebirth Method, Body Intuitive, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama (Breathwork).

Follow up practices and support;

Personalised homework tools for body, mind and spirit from the list below as required; Movement medicine –  that best works for you from yoga, walking, dancing, weights, cold water swimming etc. Breathwork. Meditation. Body Intuitive reset techniques. CCT Energetic Charts for clear manifestation. Journaling for self responsibility and accountability to track your journey.

Online and in person yoga & meditation classes from Blackhill Woods Retreat for mind, body and spirit.

Community of conscious, healthy, down-to-Earth supportive, like minded souls.

Energy session cost €80.00 (allow 1 1/2 hours). In person and remote sessions available.

Contact Eilish direct to book an appointment on 087 131 0999 or email